Curriculum Vitae

Thomas GIL

Freelance developer/architect
[email protected]

My curriculum from a bird's view

After being consultant and trainer during 2 years at Valtech, I focalized quite exclusively on the training activity (Java, .NET, Web, XML), still at Valtech and at its subsidiary Valtech Training during 4 more years.

In parallel, I followed Sami Jaber in the adventure of creating our WebSite for which I wrote some articles and developed the "PetShops" sample applications.

Then I became a bit more engaged in one state of mind (OpenSource and Free software) and in one technical domain (Aspect Oriented Programming). Hence I developed an Open Source Aspect weaver for the .NET platform in collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Evain: AspectDNG.

In September 2005, I changed status to become a freelance consultant and trainer in order to have more time to dedicate to Free software and to some new technologies such as Generic AOP.

Last, in October 2007, I created to give trainings and remotely implement software projects.

Technical skills

Programming languages Java, C#, C, Assembly, C++, Rust, Go, D, XSLT, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Python...
Plateforms CUDA, Java EE, .NET
Design Object Oriented Design, Design Patterns, Aspect Oriented Design
Operating systems Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS X


As a co-author of, I have written technical articles such as:

Besides, I have the chance to participate once a year to the Symposium DotNetGuru, a one day seminar where technical experts (like Jean-Baptiste Evain, Eric Groise, Sébastien Ros, Julien Brunet, Didier Girard and Jean-Louis Bénard) expose their views on specific topics.


A bigger article than the others... I have written an EBook entitled Conception Orientée Aspect, which has been sold on both in electronic and paper formats. After one year of selling it online, I have decided to make it free (as in "free speech" AND as in "free beer"). You can download it here

This book was a the logical step in my work on AOP and on AspectDNG. It helped me to stop and think about AOP / AOD and its impact on the way we design Object Oriented systems. Writing a document of such a size was a brand new experience for me, and it tought me a lot about how to structure ideas and how to organize one's work.


Date Projet Description Technologies Rôle
2017- FirmFunding Architecture, code and deploy of a private placement marketplace Java, JavaScript, Vue.js, Svelte, Cloud, Serverless CTO
2016 Altcoins Miners Reimplementation on CPU and GPU of some algorithms: Lyra2rev2, Keccak, Equihash... C++, CUDA Developer
2016 DCNS Object graph state replication framework Java, C++, JDO, JCache, JGroups, ASM Developer
2015 Compressor Participation to the compression contest "Hutter Prize" C++ Developer
2015 C++ Unserialiser C++ unserialization framework of Java serialized objects C++, Java Developer
2015 DCNS Object graph state replication framework Java, C++, JDO, JCache, JGroups, ASM Developer
2014 UnityScript Transpiler Automatic translation UnityScript source code into C# C# Developer
2014 DCNS Object graph state replication framework Java, C++, JDO, JCache, JGroups, ASM Developer
2013 DCNS Object graph state replication framework Java, C++, JDO, JCache, JGroups Developer
2012 LExpress IOS application: news and articles reader ObjectiveC Developer
2011 Transformer 2 Railroad file format transformation and hispeed loading in a database C, Oracle Designer, developer
2010 Cv Flex / Java online application to manage resumes Spring, JPA, Hibernate Java infrastructure setup in collaboration with
2010 Transformer Railroad file format transformation and hispeed loading in a database C++, Oracle Designer, developer
2009 training Document generation application that automatically creates training slides and students books (PDF format) G Designer, developer
2008 gpdf PDF document generation library G, C Designer, developer
2007 Messagerie applicative (Réseau Ferré de France) Prototype/grounds of a .NET multi-tier web architecture that will serve as the framework for applications development C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2.0,, CSS Architect, developer
2003 - 2005 Course Manager Web application to manage Valtech Training' course descriptions Java, Struts, EJB 3, XML, XSLT, XSLFO Architect, developer
2005 Scite Enterprise Architect A well known competitor to VisualStudio.NET ;-) Scite, Lua "Prototyper"

Open Source / Free projects

Date Projet Description Technologies Rôle
2010-2012 GT Lightweight layer on top of the C programming language. Successor of G, based on a finite states automata. Now public domain! C, Ragel Designer, developer
2008 G Lightweight layer on top of the C programming language C Designer, developer
2005 PetShopAOP An example of a technical architecture that takes advantage of AOP AspectDNG Architect, developer
2003 - 2005 AspectDNG .NET static aspect weaver C#, XML, XPath Project manager, developer
2003 - 2005 PetShopDNG An example of a .NET multi-tier architecture ASP.NET, C#, DTM, .NET Remoting Architect, developer

Base training

1998 - 1999 ENST Paris - Year 2 and 3
1997 ENST Bretagne - Year 1
1995 - 1996 Math Sup/Spé in the Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg
1994 Baccalauréat - Mention Bien

Foreign languages

Good level in English: I give training abroad from France, write and have translated articles for the English version of dotnetguru.

1998: Cambridge Diploma: Certificate in Advanced English